To Yak Or Not To Yak

That’s always a tough question when roads are partly icy or snowy.  If you wear the YakTrax and you don’t need them you either have to take them off and carry them or risk sliding out on the dry sidewalk.  If you don’t wear them and you need them it will be a long run of slip, sliding away.  The road in front of my house was a sheet of ice but I opted to leave the YakTrax at home.  It turns out that was a good choice.

For the most part the sidewalks and roads were good enough to run on but you definitely couldn’t go fast.  You always had to be on edge.  The worst sections were Washington St. across from SHG, the east end of Washington Park, and Lawrence.

The weather wasn’t that bad with temps in the low 30s and the wind out of the southeast but not that strong.  Even though the weather was decent I didn’t expect to see too many runners because of the ground conditions.  However, to my suprise I must have waved at 10 different runners today.  It was nice to see other rabbits braving the condtions.

I ran alone today.  Some things are better done alone (you can fill in the blanks).  It was a good day to be alone; just you and the conditions.  I got to think and contemplate.  But the best part was running my own pace and knowing that I was only doing 10 miles and not 15.  I felt good after finishing but I think my legs were a little more sore than usual.  Running on uneven ice really takes it out of the thighs, ankles, and hips.