This Is It

Everyone probably has an opinion on Michael Jackson.  I wouldn’t say I am a fan but I have appreciated his music over the years.  What I haven’t appreciated was his dancing.  The dude could cut rug.

this_is_it_michael_jackson_movieSandy and I went to see “This Is It”, the Michael Jackson movie.  It chronicles his rehearsals prior the anticipated tour right before he died.  I must admit that it started out pretty slow.  I was wondering how they would turn this concept into a movie.  However, I was pleasantly surprised by the movie and even enjoyed it.  He was an amazing dancer.  The ironic part was that his back-up dancers were probably 30 years younger than him.  There has been some questioning about his physical well-being prior to his death.  The movie attests that he was in damn good shape for 50 years old.  I was impressed.

While it did run kind of long I found myself tapping to most of the songs.  How many hits did he have?  You may not want to fork over $20 to see it in the theater but you may want to rent “This Is It” once it hits the stores.

He may have been a freak show but MJ could certainly put on a show.