The Week After

Just trying to recover left me with little focus this week.  Since I’ve officially signed up for the half Ironman in Austin I need to keep up my training.  Nothing spectacular this week.

Tuesday:  Rode the training race and got in 36 miles.  My effort was good but I did get dropped on the lead-up to the finish.

Wednesday:  I’m glad I didn’t go to the TT.  It was so humid and my legs didn’t have it.  I ran 7 miles and was drenched with sweat when I got back.

Thursday:  Woke up early and did 1000 yards in the pool.  I did try to push myself for the last 500 yards.  Distance doesn’t seem to be a problem anymore.  Now I feel the need for speed.  Ended the day at the horse track with some other rabbits.

Friday:  Day off with the family at the fair.

Saturday:  5 mile run with repeats on the track.  I felt really good and tried to kill myself.

Sunday:  Why do I drink so much?  Took some photos of Abe’s Amble but was a non-starter.