The Walk Of Shame

Hagan had swim lessons shortly after work.  So we loaded up and headed to the YMCA.  I had the great idea of swimming some laps while Hagan was learning how to “motor boat”.

The swim area was crowded so I was happy to share the “medium” lane with a fellow swimmer.  After about 200 yards I hear “sir, sir’ sir”.  The lifeguard was actually demoting me to the slow lane.  What in the world?  I may be no Michael Phelps but come on, you’re actually making me get out of the pool, do the walk of shame, and get in the “slow” lane against the wall.  Eventually, I recovered my dignity and finished out 1000 yards.

On Wednesday, with my tail between my knees, I made it out to Eisenhower pool hoping the lifeguards would be more forgiving.  Luckily I had a whole lane to myself and was able to finish 1000 yards without losing my dignity.  I’m starting to feel more comfortable in the water now.