The Temperature Is What?

59 degrees?  Are you kidding me?  The tail end of December and shorts are a consideration?  Man, what a change in weather.  The temperature up here in Elkhart was 59 degrees at it’s peak.  I can’t imagine what it was  in Springpatch.

The snow had all but melted leaving areas of slush and ice underneath.  Obviously, I did not expect temps like this so I brought only cold weather gear with me on the trip.  Normally I would have worn shorts and maybe just a light long-sleeve shirt but no such luck today.  All I had were tights and warm clothes.  I felt like a Chinese sweatshop 10 days before Christmas.

Anyway, I did manage to slog out 10 miles is spitting rain conditions.  My average pace indicated improving endurance as I finished with an 08:24 pace.  It feels so good to run on a completely flat route.  Although sometimes the miles go by slower than when the terrain fluctuates.