The Swarm

The peleton was like a swarm of bees today. Traveling at speed, looking for something to sting, and swarming anything in it’s path. There were a few worker bees at the front, a bigger middle section, then me with the rest of the weaker bees following the bee in front of him and hanging on for dear life.

The weather was beautiful today which probably had something to do with the big turnout. 15-20 riders in late September is unprecedented. We departed BikeTek and were doing 30+ screaming down Old Salem Rd. The ride had barely begun. Heading West toward the “T” my speed never dropped below 27 mph. It actually hovered between 27 and 30 for 4 miles. I eased off right before the sprint to catch my breath.

On the way back the bees seemed just as pissed. Everytime someone would get away the peleton would increase it’s speed and swarm the fresh meat. Robo tried, Dungan tried, Lister tried all to no avail.

The swarm ended it’s journey around 19:00 with this bee hyperventilating after the sprint. As the days gets shorter the rides get shorter and the speed gets faster. This makes for a very interesting ride. I totaled 27 miles for the day.