The Soloist

Dan, Eric, John and I met at 13:00 at my house.  Dan rushed in from St. Loew and actually beat John to my house.  I know there are laws against distracted driving and John probably broke a few on the way over.  He claimed he was so late he actually changed in the car while driving.  I’ve never tried that one.

The wind was significant out of the NW so we headed to Pleasant Plains.  The rolling 7 miles between Salisbury and Plains took its toll on my legs.  Luckily a photo-op was recognized and we stopped to snap a couple of shots of these cows that were spread out along a fence.  It was a surreal scene.  The farmer probably thought we were nuts or……well, never mind.

Riding 4 out of 5 days was making my legs scream in the tailwind.  Luckily I got the guys to slow down on the way back.  My legs were blown to pieces.  I managed 32 miles for the day.



That night the wife and I got a babysitter (Mom) and went out on a date for Mother’s Day.  I reminisced on the cows that I saw earlier when I was eating the Ribeye special at Bella Milano.  The Mich Amber Ultras tasted especially good.

After dinner we went to see “The Soloist”.  A true story about a Schizophrenic musician (Jamie Fox) and his relationship with a LA Times reporter (Robert Downey, Jr.).  Definitely not an action movie but pretty moving.  Even though it seemed to drag on in spots I would still recommend it.  I’d give it ****.