The Party Is Over

All the slacking from the winter is over as this week marks week #1 of Marathon training on our 12 week plan.  Hopefully my workouts will be more focused and intense…..hopefully.  I will also try to alter my diet but I’m not making any promises.  I do feel a sense of liberation today.  It’s like I finally have something to look forward to and train for.  This might be what I needed.

I wasn’t able to get the kids to bed until 20:00 so my workout didn’t begin until 20:30.  Later and colder than I was expecting, I was relegated to the basement.  30 minutes on the trainer was spent watching the Celtics spank the Suns, thank goodness.  I then jumped on the treadmill and did a relatively fast (for winter) 3 miles on the treadmill. 

I was feeling really good and felt like I could go on forever but it was already 21:40.  I needed to go to bed.  That’s the first time in a long time I wanted to train more but couldn’t.  Maybe my Seasonal Affective Disorder is finally resolved?


Weekly Total:  3 miles