The Final Run

After 4 months of training I am down to my last training session before the 2008 St. Louis Marathon.  Just to keep things consistent the weather was blustery. cloudy, and cold.  It just wouldn’t be training without crappy weather.

I am still feeling pretty sluggish thanks to my carbo-deprived diet.  I hope it is the lack of carbohydrates that is making me feel this way.  If I am just over-trained Sunday might not be so fun.  I am hungry all the time and can’t seem to stay awake past 20:00.  I don’t know how people do the Adkin’s diet.  They must live like Zombies all the time.  My friend Chad is gluten intolerant.  I have noticed that when he orders at a resteraunt his items seem similar to a no-carb diet.  I wonder if he feels this crappy all the time.  I did face the humiliation of eating a hamburger, sans bun, at Danoh’s the other night.  His daughter and my daughter’s birthday are close together so we celebrated at his house.  He grilled and I at a hamburger with no bun.  Something I have ridiculed people for in the past.  Eating a hamburger without a bun was way easier, however, than abstaining from alcohol.  Oh well, Thursday I get to start my carbo loading.  Yeehaw!

Anyway, I ran an easy, slow 7 miles.  My ankle was fine but I was thinking that 19 more miles seems pretty far.  I hope that is my diet talking…….  I did listen to our most recent podcast while running.  We seem to be getting better but still amateurish.  I laugh at it so I hope others do to.   I was sort of somber when I finished.  The build-up is the fun part and when it is over there is kind of a let down.  I will start riding soon which should liven my spirits.  Plus, the weather WILL get better.

See you Rabbits after the Marathon.  Wish me luck.