The Down Low

Here is how it went down:

All day at work I viewed the beautiful weather outside.  I thought to myself “I can’t wait to go riding tonight then go swimming tomorrow morning”.  Later in the day Dan sends me an email saying that Colony West is closed.  Irritated I call and find out the pump is broken and only the kiddie and medium pool are available.  Unless I want to get really dizzy that cancels out my swimming tomorrow.  That’s alright because I should get in a good ride in tonight.

16:00 hours and the sky looks ominous.  Then it starts to pour down by the time I head home.  All my plans for the next 2 days are shattered.  This sucks I thought.  Dan and I exchange phone calls and texts because the sky cleared but there is still red, yellow, and green on the radar.  We debate on whether to risk it and ride.  I relegate myself to the couch in a fit of pity.

I get a phone call around 18:00 from a co-worker who says she would be unable to get me into to the KofC tomorrow.  I had a glimer of hope when I voiced my frustration at Colony West being closed and this co-worker said she could get me into the KofC pool tomorrow for lap swim.  What else could go wrong?

I put the phone down at 18:05  and see I have another text.  It’s from Dan, “I’m goin'”.  Oh S#$t the ride starts at 18:00 and they probably go by my house around 18:15.  I better hustle.

The peloton is zooming past as I roll up to Old Salem Rd.  I struggle to increase my cadence and speed with little to no warm-up.  To my astonishment there are approximately 20 riders who showed up at today’s ride.  As I ride past Dan I give him the “Bird” for giving me such short notice.

The rest of the ride I am in oxygen debt and never really quite recover.  I struggle at the back of the pack for most the ride but manage to hang on the whole distance. 

I end up with 31 painful miles.  But I feel sooo much better about myself for gettting in a good workout.  Depression usually sets in when I don’t do anything, which almost happened tonight.  To ironically top off the evening I got an inside track to another pool.  So I may be able to swim tomorrow after all.  Stay tuned……