The Dangers of Running on a Treadmill

I’m in Dallas for a wound care course.  Since I did workout #2 of week 9 on Wednesday this weekend will be workout #1 which is 3, 3 mile intervals at marathon pace.  The weather here is not that nice and my hotel is pretty isolated so I opted for the treadmill.  The course got out at 18:00 and I was on the treadmill by 18:30.  If I didn’t rush to get started I would have never gone.  Seeing it is 6:30 on a Saturday night and I have some Sam Adams waiting for me in the fridge I was not that motivated.  I could think of funner things to do.

As with Danoh I was the first to enter and the last to leave.  The tv on my treadmill was broken so I only had myself to stare at for 80 minutes, luckily I had my iPod.  I began the first interval at an 08:00/mile pace.   At about the 2 mile mark my swinging arms hit my iPod wires and flipped it up at my face.  Luckily I caught it before it hit the treadmill and kept from falling at the same time.  The unfortunate part was that it hit me right in the mouth, split my lip, and damn near chipped a tooth.  So now I’m bleeding and getting the towel all bloody.  Eventually I got the bleeding to cease but spent valuable energy in the process.  I was happy for the rest period after interval #1.  The second interval resulted in no injuries and I kept my 07:47 pace reasonably well.  The third interval was rather difficult but I was able to maintain a 07:30 pace throughout the 3 miles.  However, the damn treadmill shut off after 65 minutes so I had to restart with about 2 miles to go.  It was painful to regain my speed.

10 miles total on the treadmill was NOT fun.  There was no fan.  My pants were sloshing and my face dripping on the floor as I entered the elevator.  In fact, some might call it insane.  I know at this time last year I would have thought anyone would be crazy or brain-dead to run 80 minutes on a treadmill.  Oh well, I have never been accused of being sane.