The Best I Could Do

Horrible weather greeted me on the morning of the Memorial Regional Burn Center 5k.  Storms woke me up around 05:30 and I anticipated running in the rain.  However, by 07:30 the raining had stopped.

Warming up I could tell this was not going to be good.  I don’t perform well in the heat or humidity and this morning it was miserable.  After running a 2 mile warm up lap I looked like someone had rubbed me with Carnuba Wax.  Sweat was beading all over my body.  My shorts were already squishy and I had a constant drip of sweat from my nose.

The race started with the horn of a fire truck and a front group quickly was established.  I was in this front group of about 5 and felt OK.  By the time we hit the 1 mile marker I was starting to feel sluggish.  My first mile was done in 06:14.

As we approached the turn around at the far end the park I had lost contact with the first 2 runners.  I struggled to keep them close hoping that my first mile was too fast and I needed some recovery time.  However, the more I ran the worse I felt and they stayed about 50 meters ahead of me.  Mile 2 was recorded with an average pace of 06:59.  I was slowing down dramatically.

On the final downhill I could tell the first place runner had dropped the second place runner.  I entertained a glimmer of hope of caching number 2 but that was short lived.  However, at the bottom of the hill I was cheered on by a group of ladies with the words “go Hardy Breed”.  This gave me an extra rush of adrenaline and kind of snapped me out of the lactic acid haze I was in.  Thanks Rabbits.

The final uphill was a struggle and I was actually passed by another runner.  There was nothing I could do about it.  I limped in with a time of 21:35 and average pace of 06:57.

First place recorded a time of 20:50 and I was 4th overall ( 3rd in my age group).  It seemed everyone was affected by the humidity.