Tempo At The Corridor

Dan and I met up at the usual corner around 10:00.  I think we were both kind of dreading today’s run.  A long one in the cold.  We opted for a familiar 15 mile loop.  The temperature was in the upper 20s when we left and wind out of the SW.  I don’t know how people run at 07:00 on days like this.  It has to be freezing.  Speaking of freezing we ran into Mark Shay riding in the Park and I saw him again as I was finishing my run as he was heading back from somewhere north.  That must have been a cold ride.

The first half was conversational.  But before we knew it the dreaded “Old Navy Corridor” was upon us (better known as the Wabash Trail).  This unforgiving stretch of 3 miles of pavement sucks.  Especially after 7 miles and into the wind.  So Dan and I decided to run it at tempo.  It hurt but made the time go by faster.  After a brief respite we again ran tempo down Koke Mill Road.  With a tailwind and no verbal interaction Dan and I actually hit 06:17/mile at one point. 

The lactic acid and heavy breathing did catch up with me during the last 2 miles and I limped home with an average pace of 08:56/mile for 15 miles.  Not bad considering my “Auto Pause” is off so the time included walking, nature calling, and stop lights.  You gotta love traffic lights….

That gives me around 22 for the weekend.   Just one more weekend of base miles before the “real” training starts.