T1=6 Hours

Today was a good day. I had the day off from work and made the most of it. After feeding the kids breakfast and getting them dressed I headed out for a run.

The weather was crisp but the sun was shining brightly. The temperature was in the low 60s as I left my driveway around 10:00. No Garmin but I did take the iPod and was content to listen to my tunes on shuffle. I thought about catching up on some podcasts but I was feeling too good running and jamming. Either I was running slow or today was one of those days. I ran my usual 9 mile loop and had no trouble. I felt like I could go on forever.

For lunch the family had the priviledge of eating at Buffalo Wild Wings. I quenched my palet with a couple of Schlalfys and filled my stomach with a Buffalito.

Before heading back home I stopped by Sports Authority to pick up some new goggles for myself and Campbell. Made it home around 14:30, put the kids down for their nap, and took a siesta myself.

Wednesdays are swim lessons. Campbell and I headed to the YMCA around 17:00. My second swim in over a year felt pretty darn good. Without guilt, I put in 12 laps today. Alternating between the crawl and breast stroke. Incidentally, both times I went swimming some part of my body began cramping. Last time it was my little toes and today it was my right tricep. What gives?

So a brick today (sort of) with a 6 hour T1.