Sympathy For The Danoh

Reluctantly, I headed out the door for today’s run at 10:45.  By reluctantly, I mean I was feeling the affects of a Saturday down in Alton at Fast Eddies and I was feeling sorry for my training partner.  I do have sympathy for ya, Danoh.

Today was called a Progressive.  Not a dinner progressive but a running progressive which is a lot more  painful than appetizers, dinner, and desert.  16 miles which include the 30 minutes before the end to do 20 seconds slower than marathon pace then 20 minutes before the end to do 10 seconds slower than marathon pace then the last 10 minutes to be run at marathon pace.  Progressively increasing the pain.  Sound like fun?

Well, it started out pretty good.  The sun was shining bright and the temperature was around 40.  There was very little wind.  I was feeling good running down Koke Mill Rd. with a tail wind and had to remove my gloves and hat.  Turning West onto the Wabash Trail I started to feel the affects of the wind but not too bad.  I thought this stretch was going to be brutal without Dan to talk to but I had the iPod jamming and the 2 miles went by pretty quickly.  I stopped at the end for my usual nature stop.

Once I hit Washington Park it was mile 11.  I took a walking break to ingest some Hammer Gel and take a couple of drinks of Cytomax.  I needed to get back my composure.  It worked and I was hitting my stride again.  Seeing the hommies from Team Mack getting back from a long ride also energized me.

Approaching mile 12 I was beginning to realize how logistically difficult it was going to be to figure out when there were only 30 minutes left in my run.  So I decided to improvise and run miles 13-14 at 20 seconds over marathon pace, miles 14-15 at 10 seconds over marathon pace, then miles 15-16 at marathon pace.

This was pretty difficult as I was heading into the wind and doing the hills on West Washington.  The bright sun and tunes on the iPod were my motivation.  It turns out that I did mile 14 at 08:01, mile 15 at 07:32, and mile 16 at 07:23.  Mile 14 included a stoplight so I’m guessing I would have been a little faster.  The plan would have me going 07:50, 07:40, and 07:30 respectively.  I was feeling good so I went with it. 

The total for the run was 16 miles with an average pace of 08:21/mile.  I guess I would have been faster without stoplights but sometimes I pray for stoplights.  A pretty good day nonetheless.

Weekly Total:  31 miles