Ya, it was bad! There were just 5 HardyBreeds that showed up for today’s ride. Me, Jeff (NIL8) Williams, Robo, Vonnehman, and the Nemesis rode to the “T” and back. Gary peeled off before we hit Old Salem Rd., freightened of the possible downpour.
We did a paceline rotation out and back. I was positioned behind the Nemesis. He was wearing green and black cycling shorts that revealed a bad case of SWASS. I had to stare at the unmistakeable stigmata on his shorts until the turnaround. It wasn’t for the timid. I just kept singing Sir Mix-A-Lot and chuckling to myself. Come on Andy, when it is 123% humidity don’t wear the army green cycling shorts.
At the turnaround I switched positions with Jeff and all was good. It was a good thing Robo and Jeff were racing the next day because I was hurting on the way back. I had to skip 3 or 4 rotations to catch my breath. Otherwise I would have ridden by myself on the way back.
I ended the ride with 31 miles. A pretty good workout and a tatoo of Andy’s swass on my retina.