Sunday Run

I spent all day yesterday in Chicago at a seminar.  The topic was running injuries of the lower extremity.  Some pretty interesting stuff. Dan, if only I had gone to the seminar 6 weeks ago maybe you would be running with me now.

The last workout of the week was 16 miles at 10% slower than Marathon Pace.   My calves are still bothering me and the 24 miles already run earlier in the week left me with fair expectations.  I have never run 40 miles in a week so I was a little anxious to see how my legs would hold up.

The day could not have been better.  Temperatures in the 60’s and light wind out of the SE.  Dressed in shorts and a t-shirt I felt great.  The first few miles were painful but by mile 6 the pain in my legs went away.

The Park and bike paths were packed solid.  I even got a glimpse of Bob S. doing some secret training.  Looks like a new kit this year.

Exiting the Park at mile 12 everything was groovy.  My average pace was 07:44/mile.  However, cresting that hill out of the park that eventually ends at SHG I just couldn’t recover.

The hills heading West on Washington reduced me to a crawl.  Even a Gu couldn’t make me faster.  By mile 16 I had gone down to 07:52/mile for an average.  My goal for the marathon may not be obtainable.

Weekly Total:  40 miles