Stress Fracture

My leg is hurting me enough that I actually went to see Dr. Dan Adair at SportsCaretoday.  My fears were realized when I was diagnosed with a stress fracture of the distal fibula.  The area just above  my right ankle.  I already suspected this diagnosis since my treatment of rest and physical therapy had not alleviated symptoms.  I guess the marathon wasn’t such a good idea and probably set me back a few weeks.  After 3-4 months of training I just couldn’t not do it.

The treatment for this condition is wearing a walking boot.  Like Dan, I’m opting not to wear the boot and just rest.  No more running for another 4 weeks.  At least I can ride my bike.  I needed to work on my cycling anyway.  So this damn Illinois Marathon training has resulted in 2 stress fractures for the HardyBreed crew.

Well, since I can ride and it is Tuesday I got on the bike for Tuesday Sprint Night. Now that I will need to ride more to maintain fitness and weight I was determined to ride past Farmingdale Rd. with group to get in more miles.  Being sprint night with re-grouping made it a little easier than usual.

Dan and I met at my house and got in about 5 miles prior to leaving BikeTek.  There was a sizeable group with light winds and cool temperatures.  The pace  quickened (as usual) on Salem Rd.  Staying with group wasn’t that bad.  I made through the first sprint in decent shape and headed west with the group.  I think Dan tailed off after the first sprint.

After cresting the one, major hill I didn’t want to press my luck and tailed off the group to allow them to do the keyhole without me.  I took a right at the “T” then headed to the rock pile and turned around.

Myself and  “Jack” rode  at a conversational pace back toward town until the remnants of the group caught us just after the second to last sprint.  I then rode at the back of the speeding train until the final sprint.

My leg felt unusually good but I was tired from riding my longest ride of the year, 33 miles.