Man, was it humid today.  About 10 of us showed up for the ride tonight.  Most people were either going to take it easy or didn’t show at all because of the 4-race weeekend in St. Louis, The Gateway Cup.

Halfway down Farmingdale Rd. the skies looked threatening so about 1/2 the group turned around.  The other 5 of us HardyBreeds kept going.  A couple of miles down the road Dan E. flatted.  I hadn’t noticed the lack of wind or humidity until we stopped.  It was almost suffocating, standing near all the corn with no breeze and the humidity through the roof.  Luckily Dan is an expert tire changer and wasted not time changing a rear flat in less than 5 minutes.  That is a pet peeve of mine; people who take way too much time changing a tube.

Anyway, we mounted our machines and continued to the “T”.  From there we turned right then right at the rock pile.  We then headed east, crossing Farmingdale Rd, and eventually ended up on the Frostbite Festival course.  The best part was that I got dropped off at the edge of my subvision on Washington St.

So I ended with 32 miles and about 10# of sweat.  We pretty much kept a tolerable paceline the whole time so I got in a good ride.  Thanks Robo, Jeff, Vonnahman, and Dan E.