Does anyone know a good Vet?  ‘Cause I think this rabbit ruptured his spleen on tonight’s ride.  I had a “stitch” in my side that I could not get rid of.  My red blood cell count must have been near 0 because it felt like my spleen was going to rupture out of my stomach. Like when that dude from “Aliens” stands up and an alien pops out of his stomach…..blahhhhhhh!

The problem with the Tuesday/Thursday night rides is that as the days get shorter the ride length gets shorter but the speed increases.  There is not enough distance to tire anyone out.  I think we averaged 24 and some change for the shortened course. It was sprint night but there was not much regrouping between sprints. It was like, rest for 30 seconds then step on the gas again.

I was in oxygen debt from the first sprint and never really recovered.

I totaled 30 miles with everyone turning around at the “T”.