s/p LVRS

I don’t know if it was allergies or poor fitness but I felt like I just had Lung Volume Reduction Surgery (LVRS) on tonight’s ride. 


My lungs burned from beginning to end.  I could not catch my breath.  My legs felt fine but I was in hyperventilation mode all night.

The night started out well.  Dan and I surprisingly found John L. and Robo on our usual pre-ride loop.  Robo was avoiding Washington Park and all the controversy.  It was nice hearing stories of last weekend’s racing down south.  Congratulations to Chad for a well deserved win in the Masters 40+ RR.  I ended up with about 7 miles prior to surgery.  A little more than usual.

Thank goodness it was sprint night.  Otherwise I would have been off the back waaaay too early.  The SW wind made it tough.  I suffered in the gutter until we a took a right hand turn heading North.  I was off the back but was thankful for the recovery.  I cut the keyhole short and met the remnants at the “T”.

The ride back was a little erratic.  The strong winds and fast pace made riders scramble for the right side of the road.  Which happened to be over the yellow-line.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.  I barely made it in with the group for the final sprint.  Vonnehman made his patented move on the second to last hill and was swiftly caught.  I spun in to the line by myself and rode the rest of the way with the group.  Now I can barely keep my eyes open. 

Total for the night=38 miles.