Sore Legs, Finally!

Tuesday the weather was still bad so my tempo run was relegated to the treadmill.  4 miles at tempo pace went like this:  2 miles at 7.5 mph, 1 mile at 8.0 mph, and 1 mile at 8.5 mph.  I’m still not in race shape so this tempo run was tough.

The next eventful day of training was on Saturday.  Dan picked me up and we headed to Lunch With Eric’s house.  The plan was to run the Lincoln Half course then if I felt like it I would run home.  I needed to get in 15 miles at 10% over marathon pace.  The pace during our Lincoln Half run was good enough to be less than 10% of race pace and I was feeling good enough so I ran home from Eric’s.  I totaled just short of 18 miles for the day.  The weather was beautiful and sunny.  Finishing our run with a tough half lap of Washington Park and seeing all the people was rather enjoyable.  By the time I got home I was pretty much exausted.  Church and dinner with the Danoh family followed.

D2, Lawyer, Lunch With Eric, and Danoh met me at my house just past 13:00 on Sunday for a bike ride.  We waited for the heat of the day which turned out to be a gorgeous 43 degrees.  A NW wind meant heading to Salisbury and Petersburg.  This was my first day on the bike in a long time so I was glad to have to turn around early at Gudgel Rd.  Sitting in on the way out and taking the tailwind home was just what I needed.  Getting in 27 miles made my body sufficiently tired.

The weekend was good for me.  My legs are starting to feel sore again.  What a great feeling!