Somebody Stop Me

Imagine me wearing a funny, yet eerie, mask and spinning in circles.  I certainly felt like Jim Carey today.  It was one of those days……

Softball was canceled due to water on the infield so after the kids were fed I set out for an unusual workout.  Unusual in that I don’t typically train on Mondays.  The weather was gorgeous.  I donned shorts, a short-sleeved shirt, and my Perl Izumi vest.  I was excited to get caught up on some podcasts that I have been missing due to not running as much during the nicer weather.  I was also excited to listen to the first song I ever purchased on iTunes-“Wonder Beer” by Naked Raygun.  My plan was to listen to the song then switch to the podcasts.  But, man, when I heard that song my heart started pumping and my stride lengthen……I was inspired.

So I kept the iPod on shuffle and decided to do an interval workout.  I would rest for 1 mile then do tempo for 1 mile then rest for 1 mile, etc.  My first tempo mile was run at an easy 07:14 pace.  I was feeling good.  The second interval was run at 06:49 pace and the third was also run at 06:49 pace.  It was one of those days.  The last interval hurt but felt good at the same time.

I totaled 6.5 miles for an average pace of 07:41.  Not bad for having 3 miles of rest in between intervals.  I hope it doesn’t hurt me for tomorrow during the gale force winds.