Small Native American

It sucked waking up at 05:00 this morning.  Especially after spending Friday night on Lake Springfield.  Dan and I were supposed to meet Neff at the corner of Bradforton and Washington but I got a text from Neff saying he was “out”.  To my surprise as I made it to the corner John L. came screaming up to the corner (as usual).  Bonus, another companion on today’s journey.

We had planned a long ride heading through the Burg, over to Site M, Chandlerville, Virginia, then back to the Patch through uncharted territory.  Luckily Dan had a map in mind.

It was tough dressing for the conditions.  Cold in the morning but warmer by the end of the ride.  Me and Lawyer chose to dress for the end of the day while Danoh chose to dress like he would be heading through some snow capped mountain passes.

Making it to Petersburg was uneventful and casual.  As we headed out of the sleepy little town on the Pioneer course it got a little tougher.  The road flattened out briefly giving us a false sense of security.  We increased our speed but the undulating hills began to take their toll on me.

As we entered Jim Edgar Panther Creek we slowed down a bit and even took a potty break on the side of the road.  Not realizing there was a port-o-potty right around the corner.  Shortly after the nature break was where the sketchiness began.  We were on Creek Rd, needing to stay on Creek Rd, but Creek Rd split going into 2 different directions.  Luckily we took the road most traveled and ended up in Chandlerville.

After asking a local for directions we were soon on 78 heading to Virginia.  This is where the hills got bigger and my gears got smaller.  John and Dan began to drop me on the monster climbs.  It seemed as though each climb would never end.  The descents were just as steep.  Sending me to 38 mph at one point.  Meeting Virginia did not come soon enough.  There were only 7 miles between Chandlerville and Virginia but who knows how many feet of climbing.

Virginia was apparently having some sort of celebration.  My stomach was not ready for a Brat and PBR so we rolled through Virginia hoping we were headed in the right direction.  The sign said 26 miles to Jacksonville.  At least I knew how to get home from Jacksonville if all else failed.  The other clue were headed in the right direction was the increasing headwind.  Leaving this morning I realized we would be bucking a headwind home but the hills made it worth it.

After going by a couple of left turns we decided to take a left (South we hoped) on Little Indian Road.  Thus the name of the post.  Dan whipped out the iPhone and confirmed our correct route.

Heading South Dan began to turn the screws into my cramping legs and I finally had to yell “Uncle”.  We then coasted into Ashland and I convinced the boys to stop for some doughnuts and RedBull.  It’s amazing how turned around you can get in a small town but we had to back track after leaving Caseys to find the road to Pleasant Plains.

The road to Plains soon turned to crap.  We were, thankfully, forced to slow down.  Rolling through town we took an alternative route than the usual for scenery sake.  This came to bite us in the butt as Dan flatted about 10 miles from my door.  It took him 11 minutes to change the flat (but I’m not bitter).  Novice!

Anyway we ended up with 85 premium miles, some good conversation, and 6 tired legs.  There is something about early morning rides…….