Sinking Feeling

I have been limping the past few days because of pain in my right leg.  I’m actually a little worried about it.  I struggle with wanting to rest it and needing to maintain my fitness.   

My thought today was to run on the treadmill.  Hopefully the compliance of the treadmill would be easier on my leg than the hard concrete.  According to my schedule I needed to run 2, 4 mile tempo runs at marathon pace.

The first few steps were rough but I wanted to see if the pain would subside.  After struggling to maintain an 08:00 pace for 3 miles I depressingly put an end to the workout.  My leg was killing me and I didn’t have the speed to run that fast.   I limped to the couch.

Now I’m contemplating my Champaign Marathon future.  There are 17 days left and I am in pretty bad shape.  I plan to take the next few days off to see how the leg responds to rest.  If it doesn’t get better there is no way I can run 26 miles on it.  My fingers and psyche are crossed.