I’m not sure if that is how it is spelled on Monty Python but that’s what I thought about when I went running this afternoon.  There were tree limbs down, power lines down, and debris and shrubbery everywhere.  It looked like a war-zone.

I left the house a little past 14:00.  It was hot and sticky.  My intentions were to run 1 mile repeats but that didn’t last too long.  I felt terrible.  Maybe it was the humidity but I couldn’t turn my legs.  The sweat was just pouring off me.  I did manage about 6.5 miles but felt like dirt afterward.  Average pace of 07:56.  Hydration was a priority after the run as I attempted to recover for tonight’s ride.

I was a little worried about tonight’s ride considering my miserable run earlier in the day.  Dan and I met at the usual time and spun to BikeTek.  The humidity was still thick but I felt OK.

It was nice seeing HardyBreed poster boy Eric S. show up for today’s ride.  It was the first time I have seen him on the bike since last year.  I think he rides 1 time a year but still manages to kick everyone’s ass in triathlons.

Sprint night meant plenty of recovery between efforts so I was hopeful to hang with the bunch.  During the first sprint I somehow was at the front so decided to sprint-reluctantly.  Suprisingly I did not hit the point of no return and was able to sprint and recover rather quickly.  This set the tone for the rest of the ride.

I felt so good after the first sprint that I decided to be a little more animated through the rest of the ride; pulling through consistently and sprinting.  Somehow the night ended really well and my legs felt strong.  I probably had the best ride of the year so far.  The ride ended with some recognition from other riders on my performance.  Thanks Chad and Jeff.

Days totals were 6.5 miles running and 39 miles riding.  So I was happy that I was able to run but unhappy with my performance.  Ironically, my ride was the best of the year.  You just never know.