Schlafly Octoberfest, Fighting Illini, Cyclones

My training this past week has been less than stellar. So I wanted to make today’s run worth it and try to make up for some lost fitness. After all, I still have some important events left in the year.

I didn’t get out until around 17:00 but the temperature and weather were perfect (minus the bugs). Right away I was feeling good. “Slave to the Grind” was jamming on my iPod and each stride seemed effortless. Even the hills were manageable at speed. All 3 stoplights turned green as I approached. It just felt good.
Even with a first mile at 08:20 (stopping for cars on Bradforton) my average pace for the 6.52 miles was 07:34. I was pretty stoked considering I wasn’t even that tired when I finished. Plus I had been digging a trench all day in my back yard.

Feeling content after a good workout I sat down in the La-Z-Boy at exactly 19:00, popped open my first Schlafly Octoberfest of the night, turned on the Fighting Illini (muted) on the tube, and listened to the Griffin game on the radio. A pretty good day/night.