Running In The Rain

Since I did workout #2 on Wednesday I did workout #1 today.  3, 2 mile tempo runs was the order of the day.  The usual 9 mile route was picked.

When I left the house around 14:00 the sky was clear.  By the time I returned it was raining.  Which kind of sucks because I think I saw every HardyBreed member running up and down Washington St. when it was beautiful earlier in the day as I was driving around doing errands.  Running in the rain isn’t bad though.  As long as it is relatively warm.  Cycling, on the other hand, is not that much fun in the rain.

I kept on hitting the wrong button on my Garmin so I don’t know what my paces were but I have a feeling they weren’t that fast.  I was feeling a little sluggish today.  Plus it seems that every time I do these tempo runs my return trip is into the wind.

Then night ended with the St. Agnes Auction and drinks at the Brickhouse.

Weekly Total: 29 miles