Rocky Weekend

All the other rabbits doing Ironman Wisconsin seem to have some kind of training regimen.  I, on the other hand, am going into my training and racing completely ad lib.  So I thought this Saturday I should just put in a long brick.

I woke up at 04:45 to fuel up for today’s ride.  My plan was to leave the house by 05:15 but it was still pretty dark so I waited until 05:30.  It was still dusky until 05:45 or 06:00.  That was not my biggest concern though.  It had rained the night before and the roads were still wet.  This created puddles all over the roads  so I had swerve around puddles in the dark.  It was pretty sketchy for awhile.  The standing water and previous rain created another problem, high humidity.  It was very humid the entire ride.  By mile 50 my fingers were wrinkly from being so wet.  I tried to stay hydrated and took plenty of Endurolytes.

The worst part of the ride was the rocks on the road.  It was ridiculous.  Pretty much from Salisbury to Petersburg were small, little rocks.  Some big, some small, some just a light dusting, and some caked the roads.  Trying to avoid going down or getting a flat kept me pissed off for the first 2 hours of the ride.  It was so bad that I had to almost come to a complete stop at the base of the “Oh My God Hill”.  Fortunately I didn’t have to walk up it.

Leaving Petersburg on Newmansville Rd was a pleasant change.  Although I had a headwind the smooth, straight road was a pleasant reprieve.  Instead of refueling in Chandlerville I opted to take it in the jimmy and ride the hills to Virginia before stopping.  The “Fast Stop” was a welcome relief.  I livened up with a Redbull and Powerbar.

I was a little sketchy on directions from Virginia so I took 78 toward Jacksonville.  Just as I was lulling myself to sleep from the monotony of the super smooth road I ran into homeboys Travis and Clarence.  They were headed into Virginia from the opposite direction.  Travis gave me directions to Springfield.  Chatting with the rabbits invigorated my ride and I felt refreshed with a tailwind heading toward Prentice.  Unfortunately, construction on the Prentice blacktop and not knowing the roads forced me to have to walk in the mud for about a 1/8 mile.  I had no choice.  Using a smashed Natural Light can I found on the side of the road allowed me to scrape the mud from my cleats and mount the bike again.  This ride was turning epic. 

Once heading south from Prentice was uneventful.  However, just when I thougth I would be able to rocket home with a tailwind on Old Jack I was greeted with more bleepin’ rocks.  This lasted for about 5 miles until Berlin.  From Berlin I rode tempo home.  Getting off the bike with 102 miles never felt so good.  With the rocks and crummy asphalt my choce wouldn’t feel the same for hours.

After about a 20 minute transition I headed out for a run.  At first I thought I would do about 4 miles but by mile 2 I was still feeling pretty good.  So I ran a 7 mile loop.  I must have rehydrated well after the bike because I felt really good on the run.  I probably could have run farther but I wanted to save my legs for a long run on Sunday.

I felt crappy on Sunday so I waited until the evening to go on a long run.  Fortunately by the evening the temperature had dropped and the breeze felt cool.  I did my usual loop with a Washington Park loop thrown in to total 18 miles.  I went though 2 water bottles and 2 potty breaks.  The last 30 minutes were pretty draining and I am still paying for the weekend on Tuesday.

A pretty good workout for the weekend.  Hopefully it will pay off in September.  I am still quite nervous.