Rocky Road And Butter


No, I’m not talking about the beloved ice cream.  I’m talking about the riding surface of tonight’s training race.  About 20 of us headed west for sprint night.  We soon realized that not all the roads were in very good condition.  So instead of riding on the traditional course we took an alternate route.  This turned out to be not much better but manageable.

We rode west paralleling Prairie Creek Rd. to the north.  After passing the keyhole section we took a turn south and ended up on Old Jacksonville Rd.  Old Jack felt like butter compared to the other roads.  However, this meant one thing….speed.


I soon found myself taking pulls at the front (just pulling through) at 28-30 mph.  All night I had made a conscious effort not to go all the way to back for fear of getting dropped.  Upon exiting Berlin what did I do?  I went to the back and got dropped.

The rest of the ride me and Levi (Astana Rider, sorry I missed your name) took turns pulling but making no progress.  I did end up with 45 quality miles and some tired legs.  Perfect training for the Parade Run.