Road To Nowhere

This was an early one.  I woke at 04:30 to get plenty of fuel in the engine before today’s ride.  I met Dan at his house around 05:15 and we headed to Lunch With Eric’s house.  The protagonists of the day were Lawyer, Clarence, Dan E., Lunch With Eric, me, Danoh, and Buzz.  It was foggy and quite dark starting out but by the time we left Eric’s it wasn’t that bad.

The problem with today’s ride was that we had no destination, just a time frame.  Danoh had to be back by 10:30 so the plan was to ride as far as possible in 5 hours.  Upon exiting Auburn it became apparent that none of us had a clue on which way to go.  This shortened our riding time dramatically as we had to stop at an occasional intersection to figure out which way to go.  There had to be a consensus before we could make a turn.  So there was never a time when we could just ride a good solid tempo.  Add in a flat tire and gas station stop made for a long day.

Eventually we made it to the twin cities of Bulpit and Kincaid.  Who knew they are separated only by a Casey’s gas station?  From here we knew where we were and headed toward Lake Sanchris.  Just after the bait shop that is no more Danoh decided to take a flyer and hovered off the front for a while.  He didn’t pull away from the bunch but we were not chasing.  After stopping to retrieve Eric’s water bottle Lawyer decided to put the hammer down and give chase in an effort to catch Danoh before the sprint sign into New City.  Lawyer’s effort paid off as Eric was able to nip Danoh at the line.  Luckily I was able to catch my breath after the effort as Eric had to adjust his loosened rear brake.  When are you people gonna realize it never pays off to work on your own bike?

From New City we took the bike trail back to Springpatch.  Not having enough miles and being a little early we cruised a few laps in the park.  By the time I got home I had a solid 85 miles on the odometer.  Word of advice, always have a plan.  By the way, the next time you see Clarence tell him Luna bars are for chicks.