Renegade Swim

The day didn’t start off so well.  I had the day off work but it had been raining pretty much all morning.  Desperate to take advantage of a day off work I didn’t let the rain ruin my parade.

I decided to run to the Fit Club, get in a good swim, then run back.  It was still raining when I left the house at 11:00 but I was going to get wet anyway with sweat and chlorine.  Getting started in the rain is the hardest part.  Once you get going it really isn’t that bad.

2 miles to the Club.  I swam as a guest during the Adult Lap swim.  There were only 3 other swimmers when I got there and I was the only one when I finished.  I swam a total of 0.5 miles but I’m not sure how that translates into yards because of the funky distance of the FitClub pool.

It was still spitting on the way home but I was soaked anyway.  Another 2 miles home.  Unfortunately, my leg was killing me when I got home.  I may have started back to running too soon.