Yes, I’m a closet Little River Band fan.  Today’s ride reminded me of their song “Reminiscing”. lrb

My legs were pretty tired from yesterday’s ride but because I can’t run I need to take advantage of every training opportunity.  My bike mileage must increase dramatically. 

I left my house around 09:00 and headed south past Curran and over to Chatham.  In Chatham I began to ride North along the bike path.  I wasn’t sure if the path was open around the Macarthur Expansion but I thought at the very least I could portage my bike if need be.

As expected the bike path was pretty busy.  I’m glad to see so many people utilizing this great asset.  Fortunately the path was open and I cyclocrossed over the dirt section. 

As I hit the Wabash Trail I began to reminisce about the winter training runs I spent on this path.  Most of the time I was doing intervals or pushing the pace.  Retrospectively it was all for nothing as my marathon preparation eventually collapsed (along with my fibula).  Oh how I hurt on this path just a few months before, I thought to myself.  Oh well, that’s water under the bridge.

Eventually I ended up with 33 miles at a leisurely average of 18 mph.  The best part was riding 80 miles over the weekend.  I felt nice and tired Sunday evening.