Remember When?

Keeping on the music theme I thought about the song “Remember When?” by Alan Jackson.  Not to downplay (no pun intended) the theme of the song but I began to add my owns words to the song.  “Remember when 9 miles seemed like a long run”.  Now it is a mid-week run for me.  I was amazed at how quickly I returned to my house.

What a beautiful day.  It was 61 degrees, sunny, and a 15 mph SE wind.  Today is workout #1 of week 10, 2-4 mile tempo runs.  Dressed in shorts, a long sleeve compression shirt with a running, short sleeved over it I headed west into the wind.  My Garmin is miraculously working so I was able to gauze my pace for both intervals.  I attempted to stay under 08:00 for both repeats.  I ended the run with 9 miles covered and an average pace of 07:46, not including red lights.  It felt good to return with a tailwind, sunny skies, and plenty of daylight.  You gotta love the time change.