Rain/Cold Hindering My Progress

Thursday was yucky!  All I could muster was a miserable 15 mile training ride with Danoh.  It wasn’t that cold but it is getting dark early.

Friday was a day off.

Saturday Dan and I met for a 38 mile bike ride around Salisbury and Pleasant Plains.  Neff actually joined us for a quarter of the ride.  He flipped just before Salisbury.  Did I mention he is nuts?  It was something like 40 degrees.  I’m wearing booties and a ski mask.  He is wearing leg warmers and nothing but a jersey and arm warmers……no gloves.  Crazy or dumb?  You make the call.

My transition was a little long considering I had to strip off a lot of layers.  I then headed out to meet Dan and we put in a short 4.5 miles.  He was actually wanting to run faster than I was so I let him go up the road on the way home.  For being only 38/4 miles I was pretty tired.  I hope Austin doesn’t turn into disaster…….