Rabbits And Hills

Eric, John, Dan, and myself met up at my house for a Saturday morning ride.  At 07:00 it was still a little crisp and overcast.  There was virtually no wind.

Heading to Petersburg for the first time since last summer was a daunting task.  The 4 of us were in no hurry and rode at a conversational pace.  The thing about going to Petersburg is that you really don’t have to ride fast to get a workout in.  The hills will do that for you.  There are about 12 “hills” for the circuit and by the time we headed back toward Springfield from Petersburg my legs screamed up every climb.

My recovery was surprisingly good though and I was happy with my effort.  Luckily no one pushed the pace so I was able to hang and recover.  Group rides with0ut an agenda are always refreshing.  I totaled 47 miles for the day.  Since my leg didn’t hurt I was pretty happy for the rest of the day.