Pulverized By A Cross Bike And A Bearded Man

I waited and waited and waited until about 10 till 6 when the clouds opened up and the sun began to shine.  Between 16:00 and 17:30 it was thundering and lightening but not a drop of rain at my house.  So I saddled up and headed toward BikeTek to see if anyone was still riding.  I have been on these rides long enough to know that no matter how shitty the weather is people always show up to ride.

Sure enough 5 other Hardy Breeds (Trevor, Robo, Jeff, Justin, and Vonnahmen) were headed toward me.  The 6 of use embarked on a ride of 2 head winds and intermittent sprinkling.

Even with just 6 the tempo was unrelenting on the way out.  Vonnahmen and myself actually got dropped on Farmingdale Rd heading North with a cross wind.  Robo was doing 29 mph at the front.

The rest of the ride I was in suffer mode.  After a headwind out the storm changed the direction of the wind and we were greeted with a headwind home.  I was hanging on while Robo (on a cross bike) and Jeff (in an unaerodynamic beard) hammered at the front.  While the others rotated I sat on the back the whole ride.

35 miles later I was happy to see my driveway.