The computers were down at work so I busted out a few minutes early.  I was going to be on a time crunch if I wanted to get in a good training run.

I managed to hit the pavement shortly after 16:00.  For some reason I felt pretty good so I decided to just go with it.  All the lights were turning red to green (to reference the song “Babylon”).  It was cold and I was wearing shorts.  Heading East from the far side of the Park I had a tail wind and began to sweat.  Still feeling good I pushed the pace.  I hadn’t intended to run for time or speed but feeling decent I was interested to see what my pace was going to be.  By the time I stopped the clock I had 11 miles with an average pace of 07:51.  Pretty good considering I wasn’t really pushing myself.

Once I got inside I felt the pain in my knees.  I guess the cold took a toll on my naked knees.  A quick shower and protein shake were all I had time for.  Campbell and I were out the door by 18:00.  Today was her first day of Religion Class.  I needed to get there early in order to resister her since she has missed 4 classes already.  What a terrible Dad?  While she learned about God I sat in the library and read Velo News, learning about the gods of cycling.