Pre-Transition Experiment

Still feeling sluggish I decided to go out for a leisurely ride after watching and photographing the Women’s Distance Festival.  The weather channel said the wind was out of the South at 16 mph but the forecast called for NW winds at 5-10 mph.  Kinda of crazy but there was a front coming in.

I rode to Salisbury and back totaling just over 19 miles.  The hills on the way out didn’t feel that pleasant but my legs felt pretty good coming back into the headwind.  I guess the nice, easy ride was just what the legs needed.

For the ride I kept my shoes un-velcroed and loosely buckled.  I wanted to see how it would feel to have loose shoes.  The conundrum for me is the tighter my shoes the more I can pull up on the pedals but the looser they are the easier to get my foot out of them.  The looser I can keep them the easier it will be to pull my feet out of my shoes before I come to a stop for T2.  That’s the most efficient way to transition.  Not only is the actual transition important but the lead-up to the transition is also important.