Pool Run

My first day of swim training.  I went to Colony West for some lap swimming.  Dan had me all worried about getting a lane so arrived about 15 minutes early so I could beat the old ladies to a lane.  It was unusual as there were already some blue hairs waiting in line in front of me.  I was cognizant of infringing on territory so I politely asked if my lane was OK.  I didn’t want to use someone elses lane who has been using THAT lane for 40 years.

The water was perfect and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.  My swimming fitness is lacking so I basically just swam.  I wanted to get some base yards in before I get serious.  I totated 750 yards with a rest every 50 yards.  Slow and pathetic but it felt good to get in a good swim.

Later in the day I ran, yes ran, to Colony West to meet the family for some lounging in the sun by the baby pool.  My leg held up pretty good as I kept a 09:00 pace.  It’s almost 5 miles from my house.  Again you couldn’t beat the weather.  The pool was packed and there were plenty of HardyBreeds hanging out with their families.

A pretty good day with my first swim and first run in a while.