Podiatry Follow-Up

Wow, what a great experience I have had with a Podiatrist! Just look at the difference in my feet.

Since the initial visit my feet have hurt substantially less. I can now walk barefooted and feel my ankles are in a much more neutral position.
Today was my follow-up appointment. A few days prior to the appointment the nasty, dead skin, calleous-like formation that erupted from the crater that was left when the Podiatrist dug out my wart was pulled off when removing the medicinal tape. This left yet another crater under the ball of my big toe. The Podiatrist reported that the wart was gone but he was going to freeze what was left just to be sure. The freezing hurt pretty bad but only lasted a few seconds.
The over-the-counter arch supports worked so well that he decided to make molds of my feet to fabricate custom orthotics. They should be ready in 6 weeks.
The results of the toenail biopsy was (strangely) not finalized yet. I am assuming I have fungus but he can’t prescribe any medication until we know what kind of fungus it is.
I have a limp again because the skin under my big toe is so new and sensitive. Once it gets tough I should be back to running. My next appointment is 6 weeks from now. I know you can’t wait for the next update.