Podiatry Appointment

If feet are not your fetish do not read further.  This could get ugly for some of you. 

Secondary to my multiple injuries this past year I have met my out-of-pocket maximum for health care expenses for the year.  So everything beyond this point is “free”.  I have had foot problems off and on for many years but since I have increased my running mileage the pain seems to be getting worse.  I am unable to walk barefoot wtihout pain, I have multiple chronic “bliseters”, and I have 5 black toenails.  It’s something that I am able to tolerate but since a doctor’s visit would be free I decided to get my feet checked out. 

I saw Dr. John Sigle at the Orthopedic Center of Illinois, a podiatrist, today at 11:30.  At first I felt weird waiting in the exam room because I wasn’t really having pain at that point and what pain I do have I can live with.  Well it didn’t take him long to find multiple problems with my feet which, oddly, eased my mind.

First of all I have a pin and screw in my left foot from a break in 1997.  Because I was in a cast for 4 weeks my arch has fallen on the left so he suggested arch supports to prevent further pain.  Actually arch supports for both feet.  The orthotics feel amazingly good.  If your arches are even a little flat you may want to try arch supports.

Secondly, the black toenails are from the trauma of my toes hitting the front of my shoes while running.  This causes my toenails to be pulled away from the toe causing bleeding underneath the nail.  Then the blood dries and voila, I have black toenails. 

This is where it gets ugly.  I also have fungus under the nails which causes them to look opaque.  Gross, right?  So after he cultures the toenail he removed from right big toe I can be put on some medication for the fungus.

Underneath both little toes I have what I thought were blisters.  It turns out they were impacted sweat glands.  This doesn’t sound like a lot but the sweat had solidified making it feel like I was walking on pebbles.  He, painfully, dug out both impactions leaving craters under my little toes.  But, man, it feels so much better.

Lastly, I have had this chronic blister under my right big toe.  After shaving off the callus he discovered some underlying wart tissue.  Ya, groooosss!  After cutting out the wart he put in some acid and wrapped it in tape.  I am now suposed to replace this tape daily.  The tape has some sort of acid solution that is supposed to burn the wart dead.

But wait, theres more.  X-rays revealed autofusion of the both distal phalynx of the little toes.  Basically this means that instead of having 2 joints on the little toes I have 1 joint each.  Clinically and functionally this won’t have an impact thankfully.

Dr. Sigle did suggest that because my heel cords are so tight I have early toe off when walking and running.  Thus putting more pressure on the balls of my feet and creating more callouses.  So I need to stretch, stretch, and stretch.  Thus creating a more normal gait pattern with even distribution of my weight and reducing pressure points.

So now I have over-the-counter arch supports, holes underneath both little toes, and a crater wrapped with tape under my right great toe.  Where the wart was removed is pretty tender so now I am walking around like a gimp.  Running or even walking any distance is out of the question because of pain.  I’m not sure about riding.  I’ll check it out this weekend.

For going in without too many complaints I came out with a lot of shit wrong with my feet.  I’m glad I did this in the off season.  I should be good to go in a week or so.