Phase Duration

Scenario: Rabbit running East on Washington St. rockin’ out to Ice-T’s “Colors”. Nothing on his mind except running and breathing. In the middle of a cross road intersection there is a loud honk.

Result: Rabbit jumped liked he was being goosed by Chris Farley. He was scared to death for a split second and worried that anyone saw him jump like his 4-year old daughter.

The driver behind the honk was none other than HardyBreed Kim. Kim, do me a favor, when you are giving a friendly honk make it a couple of VERY short honks. Long honks are for pissed-off, cigarette-smoking, wife-beater-wearing, angry, old men. To put it into your medical terms make them, with short phase durations. In all seriousness, thanks for the hello. I appreciate it.

I ended my run with 6.5 miles under my belt with an average pace of 07:43.