Payin’ My Dues

While everyone else was out running, swimming, or cycling and enjoying the beautiful weather I was stuck at home feeling sorry for myself.  My wife is using my disability to catch up on all the things she can’t do while I am out training.  I don’t blame her and would do the same thing myself.  It’s amazing how much you can accomplish when you are not spending 15 hours/week training.  When you start adding up the hours you quickly realize the amount of time spent training equals a part-time job.  Although it is not “work”.  So I spent most of the day at home trying to keep the kids from screaming or hurting themselves.  Fortunately this consisted of outdoor activities around the house.

I finally mustered up enough motivation to go to Koke Mill Medical Center and do the usual workout of recumbent bike x 30 minutes and the stepper x 15 minutes.  I forgot my iPod so I had to sit in this giant room all by myself bored out of my skull.  I also forgot my sling so after 15 minutes on the stepper my shoulder was kind of sore.

The workout did seem to lift my spirits.  Hopefully I can begin to progress my workouts.