The wind was screaming out of the South tonight.  There were a significant number of riders that showed up for sprint night tonight so I knew “gutter” was the word of the day.

As anticipated the echelon formed on Old Salem Rd.  Taking Dan’s advice I tried to stay at the front.  I made it through the first sprint OK.  Frantically I recovered while the pace quickened again.

Heading West I was lucky enough to make it into the first echelon.  We rotated smoothly which reduced my effort tremendously.  This lasted until the climb when Jeff took off and the 2 echelons merged setting up for the 2nd sprint.

My legs were shot by the time we hit the keyhole.  I was ejected along with Jason F., John, and Dan E.  It made me feel better seeing the carnage up ahead.  The field was splintering under the pressure.  Knowing I wasn’t the only one struggling made the effort worth it.

John, Dan and myself cut the keyhole short and waited for the remnants.  They were regrouped by the time they made it back to us on Prairie Creek Rd.  The rest of the ride was uneventful except…….

Right at the most pivotal moment (just before the first climb heading to the finish) John L. dropped his chain.  As I motored by him he was trying to put his chain back on the big ring with his foot.  I yelled “novice” as I sped by.  I think he eventually re-attached by the time the sprint was winding up.

It was a hard ride battling the cross-wind all night.  I ended up with 35 hard-earned miles.