Novice Mark

100_1392The hair on the leg only accentuates the stigmata.  For those of you unfamiliar with this embarrassing brand it is called a novice mark.  It denotes a rider’s disassociation with their bike’s personal space.  A novice will inadvertently lose track of their machine’s chainring while stopped and will lay it against the inside of their calf.  The mark is easily recognizable to all that ride.  When other’s see this tattoo on the inside of a leg they simply roll their eyes.  As you ride more and transform yourself from novice to experienced the times you rub grease from 53 tiny knives on your calf decreases exponentially.  The more miles you log the more you understand how your bike is simply an extension of yourself.  You understand how your bike’s soul relates to your soul in space and time.  It’s just plain sloppy to lean your bike against your calf.  That’s why I was so embarrassed.  Not only do I consider myself  “experienced” but I was also INDOORS.  I couldn’t use the multitude of excuses that riders normally use.  I was standing still and the bike was fixed in place.  In other words, NO EXCUSES.

Anyway, it only took 30 minutes on the trainer to embarrass myself.  Forgive me, Mr. Merckx, I won’t do it again…….