Knowing most of my weekend was going to be occupied preparing and working at the Sportscare Women’s Biathlon I woke up early to get in a long run.

I left my house around 06:45 and ran the 5 miles to Washington Park.  It was pretty neat running through all the neighborhoods that were having garage sales.  It is that time of the year.  My time was occupied looking at all the crap sitting in driveways.  I did get a chance to say “hi” to quite a few rabbits on the way to the park.  The runners were out in droves.

Today was the Memorial Transplant 5K run/walk.  I arrived at registration around 07:30.  Just in time to register, use the facilities, get some rest, and a quick drink.  While waiting around for the start I was speaking to a couple of rabbits when all of the sudden I heard “go”.  Damn, I was in the back behind a stroller and down the hill.  What happened to “runners, are you ready?”? I bobbed and weaved around as many people as I could eventually establishing a rhythm in 4th place around 15 seconds back.

As hard as I tried I could never close the gap.  Chalk this one up to being a novice.  I should have been up front at the start and this would never have happened.  The rest of the 5K was spent with me 15 seconds back and never gaining any ground.  I eventually stopped the watch just under 21:00.  Thanks to all the HardyBreed cheers along the course.  It was inspiring.

After about a 20 minute rest I gathered my things and headed home.  I actually felt pretty good on the way home and established a 07:40 pace for the last couple of miles.  The run ended with just over 13 miles for the day.

The rest of my day was spent sweeping corners and marking turns for the bike portion of the Biathlon.  Thanks Matt and Gabe for all your help.