(Not The) Last Rider Pedaling

Finally getting my form back I eagerly anticipated tonight’s TT.  The last TT I rode was my 3rd or 4th ride of the year.  Now I have many more miles under my butt.

I arrived at the start around 17:30 and parked (as instructed) on the side of the road.  It was a Westerly wind so I rode toward Chatham for a warm-up and got in around 10 miles before the start.

This time I was positioned more appropriately toward the middle instead of way in the back.  As I started the 10 mile trek I made sure to pace myself in the first mile trying not to go anaerobic like I usually do.  Soon I settled into a good rhythm, probably averaging around 25 mph on the way out.  I was cognizant of the tailwind and wanted to save some energy for the headwind home.  I caught my 30 second man just before the turn around.  I’m still not familiar with the turn around so I almost over-shot it.

Beginning the 5 miles back I started to doubt myself as the headwind really slowed me down.  After the riser I settled into a good breathing and spinning pattern and began to catch other riders.  I probably was averaging around 21 mph on the way back then bumped it up to 22 mph with about 2 miles to go.

The last couple of minutes hurt but I stopped the clock a full minute faster than 4 weeks ago.  A 23 mph average was pretty good for me.  At least I wasn’t the last rider pedaling this time.

I want to thank TJ again.  And give a thanks to Brock W., who again assisted at the start line by holding up riders but also rode it himself.  31 riders strong tonight……a good night of suffering.