Not The First…….Not The Last

Another windy day but only sustained at 19 mph and gusts up to 28 mph out of the South. Today’s ride was only attended by 15 riders. I thought this might help me as there would be less people fighting for the draft. However, since it wasn’t sprint night, the hammer dropped from the gun. I was relegated to the back of the pack just trying to get a draft. I made it through the tailwind section with the group topping out at 32 mph. Once we turned West I knew the end was nye. I was on the rivet trying to catch the last guy with each rotation. Eventually the elastic snapped, as Phil Ligget would put it. I then rode to the “T” with another rider and Dan. We turned around and rode in, catching a 4th rider, together bucking a cross-headwind.

A good ride all things considered.  I wasn’t the first rider dropped nor the last.  I felt stronger than Tuesday and was able to jump out of the saddle on a couple of occasions. That is usually a sign of getting good legs. Add 31 miles to make a grand total of 63 miles for the year.

Oh, another sign of Psychosis.  My wife was going to Happy Hour so I had my Mom come over to watch the kids while I went riding……is that wrong?