Not Once, Not Thrice, But Deux

OMG was it hot today.  The first ride of the year in the sweltering heat.  I think it was around 92 degrees today.  The wind was out of the SW at around 10.

part deux

I ended up with 6 miles prior to BikeTek and was already sweating profusely.  There was a sizeable group; probably around 20.  Robo informed me he was going only 60-70% on the way out so I would be fine.  Ya, right!

Heading out on Prairie Creek Rd. the attacks began in ernest.  People could not hold back.  Mile after mile the pace quickened, the heat got to me more and more, and people began to get dropped.  By the time we hit the “T” about half the field had been dropped.  I was suffering at the back.

It didn’t make sense to me but tonight was the hottest ride of the year and we decided to do the long course.  Go figure!  On the new section a couple riders overlapped wheels and Robo and Gary went into the ditch.  We all waited up and recomposed ourselves.  This helped me catch my breath but when you slow down the heat affects you more and more.

Heading East I was suffering like a dog.  Finally Eric put in an attack and I was off like a prom dress.  I was hot and hurting and couldn’t hold the wheel in front me.  When the group turned South on the Plains blacktop I could see they were waiting for me.  This was going to be a blessing or a curse.  I reluctantly caught them heading East again on Prairie Creek Rd.  By now I was having goosebumps (a bad sign) but still sweating (a good sign).  I thanked everyone for waiting up for me.

The pace soon quickened and I was suffering at the back again.  A couple of miles before Farmingdale Rd. there was some slamming of brakes in front of me and I was dropped again….Part Deaux.  Yes, I got dropped twice in one ride.  Embarrassing as it was after the group waited for me I was toast.  Hot, dehydrated, and in a lactic acid haze I little chain ringed it all the way home.  By the time I got home I had 42 miles in and had lost 5 pounds.  Not a good day in the saddle.